50% of cases are related to Infertility, says Dr Shinde

  By Priyanka Trimbakkar Infertility is the inability to conceive a child. A couple may be considered infertile if, after two yea...

Fit or fat

  With all the weight loss tamasha happening around us these days, there are end number of gyms, clubs, studios, health spas etc and...

Anti aging- antioxidants!!

  Neha Chanda dietitian and nutritionist tells us about anti ageing-antioxidants its sources and requirement of antioxidant nutrients Anti aging- antioxidants!! Antioxidants are substances which can counteract the damaging effects of the normal process of oxidation in the body.  They are nutrients like vitamins and minerals which play an important role in preventing chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease,&n...Read More

How is the foot designed?

By Dr Khushi Prasad   The foot is an intricate structure of 24 bones that form two crossing arches of the foot. The longitudinal arch runs the length of the foot, and the transverse arch runs the width. The ankle joint is formed by the interaction of the foot and the lower leg, and the toes are on the far side of the foot. The bones of the foot are primarily held together by their fit with each other and connected by a fibrou...Read More

12 suggestions for a HEALTHY YOU in 2012

  Neha Chandna gives you suggestions for your health… ·         Do not start your day with tea or coffee, instead opt for fruits/ nuts or milk ·         Do not skip meals, eat every 2-3 hours in small portions to control weight gain ·         Do not leave your house withou...Read More

Seeds for health

  Neha Chandna tells us about healthy seeds. Seeds are tiny but power packed foods stuff. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. Each seed has its own benefit. You can add them in food, salads, trail mixes, or just garnish desserts with it. You must have noticed, these days lot of processed foods have seeds added to them for example multigrain bread, chikki, chivdas etc to add on the nutritional and fiber value of these f...Read More

Are there any home remedies for an ingrown hair?

Dr. Khushi Prasad tells us about home remedies for an ingrown hair. Although no cure exists, it is possible to decrease the occurrence of ingrown hairs. The easiest way to do this is through proper hair and skin hygiene. Hydrate and soften both the skin and the hair before shaving. This can result in a duller, rounded tip to the hair, which decreases the likelihood for hairs to the skin. Use a moistened washcloth, a wet sponge, or a s...Read More


  Dr. Khushi explains us about the reasons for dry and brittle hair. Dry and brittle hair can look dull instead of vibrant, and it is more likely to break. Hair becomes dry due to lack of moisture through environmental causes or personal lifestyle choices such as the way you choose to wear your hair. Illness can also contribute to dry and brittle hair. Most cases of damaged hair can be remedied through simple treatments. Low Se...Read More

Be fit for this diwali

  Diwali is the most awaited, exciting and auspicious festival for us and the preparations begin months before to celebrate this day with great enthusiasm. Shopping, cleaning the house, buying gifts for loved ones etc are the activities that take place in full swing. And this is the time when people forget to take care of themselves and neglect their food and exercise. But it is very important to eat right and stay active to enjoy the...Read More

Chocolates: sinfood or winfood

By Neha Chandna   The word chocolate itself is so tempting that the thought of it can take you to a heavenly world. Most of the people who go on diets ask their dieticians, ‘hope you will allow me to eat a piece of chocolate sometime?’ yes that’s because it is a mood elevating food. Till now we have only heard of the negative things about chocolate like it is very high in calories, it causes cavities et...Read More