Gigantic black hole in small galaxy entangle astronomers

    A team at the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy has found the largest recorded black hole, one that swallows an unprece...

Germany to evade on Palestinian UN vote: foreign minister

    Germany said it would abstain in a vote on Thursday at the U.N. General Assembly on changing the Pal...

Report on EU oil stop fake: Iran Oil ministry

  Iran’s oil ministry denied state media reports on the Islamic state stopping its crude exports to six European countries on Wednesday. If such a decision is made, it will be announced by Supreme National Security Council, says a spokesman for the ministry “We deny this report if such a decision is made, it will be announced by Iran’s Supreme National Security Council,” a spokesman for the ministr...Read More

I will step down says, World Bank’s Zoellick

  World Bank president Robert Zoellick said on Wednesday he will step down in June and Washington pledged to name a replacement candidate within weeks for a job that has always gone to an American. The Obama administration said it would open the process to competition, marking the first time it has shown willingness to loosen its grip on the world’s top development lender. Zoellick took the reins at the Bank in 2007...Read More

Morsi wins Egypt presidency with 52% vote

  Islamist Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood was declared Egypt’s first democratic president on Sunday by the state election committee, which said he had defeated former general Ahmed Shafik with 51.7% of last weekend’s run-off vote. He succeeds Hosni Mubarak, who was overthrown 16 months ago after a popular uprising. The military council which has ruled the biggest Arab nation since then has this month curb...Read More

Makhdoom Shahabuddin to be arrested

  A Pakistani judge ordered the arrest of Makhdoom Shahabuddin as part of a drugs probe, hours after the ruling party nominated him as its prime ministerial candidate, fuelling reports he may be pulled from the race. Raja Pervez Ashraf and Qamar Zaman Kaira, both former ministers of ousted Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani’s cabinet, are the party’s other candidates, Karamat Hussain Niazi, general secretary of the...Read More

Over 200 new iPhone Smartphone’s stolen in Japan\'s Kansai area

   At least 220 Apple's iPhone 5 smartphones were stolen from several stores in prefectures of the western Japanese region of Kansai, hours before the latest model officially went on sale on Friday, local press reported. The report said that a total of 191 Apple's iPhone 5 smartphones were stolen in the early morning hours, between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. local time on the day of the new iPhone's release, from...Read More

Nearly 300 die of cholera in Sierra Leone: WHO

  Over 18,000 cases of cholera have been reported in west Africa's Sierra Leone, and at least 273 people have died in the biggest outbreak since the 1970s, the World Health Organization (WHO) has said. The disease broke out in Feburary in the coastal areas and had gone down, Xinhua quoted WHO Control of Epidemic Diseases coordinator William Augusto Perea Caro as saying. When it picked up again...Read More

French Muslim leader urges calm as Mohammad cartoons republished

  The main agency representing Muslims in France appealed for calm on Friday as a new print run of cartoons featuring a naked Prophet Mohammad hit newsstands, raising fears of protests on prayers day around the Islamic world. The drawings in satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo risk stoking a furore over a film mocking the Prophet, which provoked the storming of U.S. and other Western embassies, the killing...Read More

Pope Benedict\'s ex-butler jailed for theft

  A Vatican court on Saturday found Pope Benedict's former butler guilty of stealing sensitive documents and sentenced him to a year and a half in prison.  The court delivered its verdict after a two-hour deliberation on the last day of the trial.  The prosecution had asked for a three-year sentence. The defence asked the court to reduce the charges from "aggravated theft" to "misappropriation&quo...Read More

Antarctic ice map may hold clues to global warming

   Scientists have produced the first three dimensional map of the surface beneath Antarctic sea ice, helping them better understand the impact of climate change on Antarctica. The team of scientists from eight countries have used a robot submarine to chart a frozen and inverted world of mountains and valleys, allowing accurate measurements of the crucial thickness of Antarctic sea ice. By co...Read More

Saudi girl breaks \'male bastion\' by slaughtering, skinning sheep on Eid

  A 21-year-old Saudi Arabian girl said she slaughtered her family's sheep for the first time during the Muslim festival of Eid last year, after being challenged to do so. She said she took up the challenge to break the social myth that 'young women were the fair sex and could not bear the sight of blood' "It was a challenge that I wanted to win," Gulf News quoted the young woman,...Read More

US nuclear plant declares \"alert\" after Sandy storm surge - NRC

   Exelon Corp declared an "alert" at its New Jersey Oyster Creek nuclear power plant due to a record storm surge, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said on Monday, warning that a further rise in water levels could force operators to use emergency water supplies from a fire hose to cool spent uranium fuel rods. The alert -- the second lowest of four NRC&nbs...Read More